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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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This Woman Wants to Help You Stay Safe

This beauty is Julie Nashawaty, the brilliant founder of Aste.io, a unique online sleuthing service that’s helping women date safer.

Women over 60 can have a hard time meeting people for lots of reasons.

Say you decide to try online dating. You and your friends visit one or more of the many dating websites that cater to seniors. You write your profile (many find this process is more fun after a cocktail or two). You find a person whose profile looks good, you email each other, and you decide to go on a date. It all sounds good, except for the fact that you really don’t know who that person is. 

Julie (who is Brenda’s adored niece) explained that when she was single and used online dating she found herself days away from going on a first date with a man who was awaiting trial for bank robbery! She only found out because she’s always wanted to be a private detective, so she decided to dig into her date’s background. Julie says, “I was so tired of dating apps not making sure people were safe. I launched Aste so serious digital investigators can vet and verify who you’re meeting. It’s all about helping people make smarter and safer decisions.” 

Julie adds, “There are 45 million people dating online, and 10% of them are registered sex offenders. Online dating sites tell you to do your own research before you meet a date, and people think they are researching their dates. But you can’t do a thorough check because you can’t ask for a last name. And these outdated websites return incorrect and incomplete information – if any at all. We should at least arm ourselves with the knowledge that the person really is who they say they are.” 

All Aste needs is a first name, location and phone number to get customers social proof of who the person really is, and give us a more reliable and sophisticated way to protect ourselves.

How do we know it works? One of Brenda’s friends, who’s very tech savvy, met someone online and was telling her about a charming first date. The friend had done independent research online, and felt confident this person was who he said he was. Even so, Brenda begged her friend to use Aste before the second date – so she did. 

The friend found out the man was using more than one name, phone number and address. 

Aste also has a stellar reputation for vetting people beyond dating – security checks, employment, etc.

Visit www.aste.io for more information.

P.S. Read our blog on how to use parking apps once you vet that date!

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Chris Hall
Chris Hall
4 years ago

Thank you for your sleuthing! As a result of your very-quick feedback, I declined subsequent invitations from a man whom my friends nicknamed ‘The Terrorist’!
Next time I think seriously about my companion, I’ll run to use your service.

Debbie K
Debbie K
2 years ago

I’ve used Julie’s service a few times and it was fast and fabulous! I was so glad that I had this service to turn to before I went on subsequent dates with a few different people. I’ve now passed on the information for Julie’s website to other friends. Many thanks Julie!

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