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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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Top 7 Apps to Make Boston Parking Easy

We all know what’s like to try and find parking in Boston or any busy area. Brenda says by the time she reached her 30s, she started gauging her interest in dating someone based on whether she was willing to risk meeting him somewhere that didn’t have valet parking. Driving around in circles looking for a parking space on a dark and rainy night was a great way to clarify your feelings about someone. 

Now that we’re starting to venture out of our homes a little more, we can eliminate the “is this person/activity worth looking for a space” variable. There are several websites and apps that help us navigate parking in Boston and many other cities. Here a few that get high marks from reviewers…

Parkmobile – bloggers call this the top parking app for Boston. You can use it to find a parking space, and even barter with garages to get the most competitive price. It also has information on free and street parking. They offer 24 hour support, along with features to help you find your car and keep a list of favorites parking spaces.

ParkBoston – this app helps you find parking spaces managed by the City of Boston. If you see a meter or space with a ParkBoston logo, you can download the app and pay for your parking space there.

ParkWhiz – use it to find and reserve parking spaces on streets and garages in Boston and many other places in the U.S. It offers spaces at a lower price than if you just drove around and found one. You can pay in advance and reserve your space.

BestParking – you can find and reserve parking spaces in Boston and many other cities. You also can use it to compare parking prices in the areas where you want to park, including airports. 

JustPark – you can find a parking space in Boston and the surrounding area, as well as cities worldwide. You find, reserve and pay for your space.

SpotHero – as with ParkWhiz. Choose your city, enter the day and time you want to park, and the app helps you find and reserve free spaces, and gives you comparison prices for paid spaces. 

SpotAngel – this app is similar to others, with the major difference that it’s run by the people who use it – there’s a SpotAngel community. In Boston and other cities you can find and reserve your free or paid space.

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