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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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10 Ways to Age-Proof Our Homes

We’re all doing it – wondering if we should get on that step ladder, how much longer we can climb into the bathtub, do we really need that pot or pan way back in the cabinet. So we asked a home repair and maintenance professional how we can make make our homes safer as we get older…​  

What’s the most dangerous room in the house for women over 60?

The bathroom. The next most dangerous room is the kitchen.

What can we do to make our bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms safer as we age?

1. Remove the bathtub and put in a shower. 

2. Add grab handles in the shower, near the toilet, or steps into the house.

3.  Install a ramp to make home entrances safer, or sometimes just a half step can make it easier.

4.  Relocate food and dishes so that they are more convenient to reach.

5. Install “garages” on the counters to hide appliances rather than having to pull them out of cabinets. It’s a way to enclose frequently used appliances so you don’t need to get them in and out of high or low cabinets. 

6.  Add slide-out shelves for garbage bins.

7.  Add a Lazy Susan in the corner cabinet for easy access to what you want.

8.  Install motion lights for stairs and doorways.

9.  Install a doorbell for the hearing impaired that flashes and makes a sound that is easier to hear when the TV is turned up.

10. Install video monitoring outside and inside the house, especially if you live alone so a family member, friend or neighbor can check on you. Several companies that offer these services and you can install the cameras yourself or get someone to help you.

What do you see in older customers’ houses that drives you crazy?

Scatter rugs and clutter on the floors. They become obstacle courses.

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