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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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What’s Your France?

From our dear friend Lynnelle Wilson…

If you could, without any risk of loss or failure, what would you do differently tomorrow?

That’s Crazy Talk

There’s risk in anything you do, so the “without any risk” thing isn’t real. BUT, understanding the risks and your boundaries makes the risk calculated. It’s not some terrifying monster ready to kill you and all your kittens.

You’re not crazy to be aware that there are risks in stepping out, doing something new, something “unlike anything you’ve done before.”

Before you say “no, I could never,” dig a little deeper to WHAT the risks are, not just that they are.

Dig Deep & ReWIRE

ReCalibrate and ReCenter yourself. Then explore ways that a ReWIRE will help you align your thoughts and actions with who and how you want to live.


W- Welcome Change. Open your mind to the possibilities.
I – Ignite (reignite?) Passions: Spark the latent interest that is waiting to be rediscovered.
R – Reinvent Yourself: Overhaul your identity & life goals to match your current dreams.
E – Empower Action: Equip yourself with the tools and confidence to take decisive steps toward those dreams.

Big or Small

Your dreams for the future may be big or small. They’re yours whether you’re in Paris, France or Paris, Texas. It’s not the size of the dream that’s important – it’s that you take a step towards it and back into honoring your own self.

Your dream. Your future. Your life. It’s not over by any stretch.

Pigs don’t have to fly. I’m living proof.

Less than 1 Week!

Don’t Retire! ReWIRE, a 3-day, virtual event for women who have retired and are sick and tired of feeling stuck or without direction in their next chapter. These 3 days will be time you spend on yourself and, among other things, defining the calculated risks standing between you and your next step.

Don’t Retire! ReWIRE
May 22, 23, & 24 
From the comfort of your own computer!

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