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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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CAP Beauty: Katrina’s Pick for Best Sunscreens!

By Beauty Editor Katrina Hess

Now that summer is approaching and we’re starting to spend more time outdoors, it’s especially important that we protect our skin with sunscreen.

I’m advising my clients to use a non-nano sunscreen. This is a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide particles larger than 100 nanometers, so it sits on the outer layer of your skin to block UV radiations and doesn’t penetrate deeper skin layers to absorb and reflect the UV rays and visible light.

Many scientists believe non-nano zinc oxide is the safest option of UV filter we can use, and it also is considered the safest option for marine life and coral reefs! 

My new favorite brand of non-nano sunscreen is from CAP Beauty, which was co-founded by natural skincare expert Kerrilynn Pamer. 

Over the past 10 years CAP has earned a reputation for developing skincare products that meet the highest standards. Kerrilynn has combined her passion for education, plants and formulation to create this beautiful product line. (CAP Beauty also sells hair, skin and body care products, plus natural foods.)

To learn more about CAP Beauty’s sunscreens, click here and here

And, you can read their interesting and informative newsletter on skin care and more click here 

Katrina Hess is a licensed Cosmetologist, which is rare among makeup artists. She’s a local beauty legend whose experience and expertise spans the globe. Katrina has been featured in top beauty and fashion magazines, newspapers, magazines, and TV programs. Katrina’s won Boston Magazine’s “Best of Boston Makeup Artist” 5 times, and Allure Magazine’s “Best of Best Brow Shaping” twice. At her Newbury Street salon Katrina offers unique products that are organic to high-end. Katrina volunteered for 15+ years for the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good…Feel Better” program. See how Katrina can help you maintain healthy skin and learn easy beauty routines, and much more, at www.katrinahess.com

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Susan Nashawaty
Susan Nashawaty
6 days ago

Great information! Just reported on my FL news exactly this, however no product was identified! Thank you !!!!

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