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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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Staying in Touch & Finding Lost Pets: Facebook Community Pages, Part VI

Even if you’re not a Facebook fan, here’s a reason to take a look: Many cities and towns have local, citizen-run pages where people post neighborhood information and engage with each other.

Topics on these pages include current civic and local events and new housing developments. You’ll also see people looking for healthcare providers, good coffee, Girl Scout cookies, movers, painters, plumbers, tailors, restaurants, lost personal items, and schools. And lost pets. It looks like lots of cats and dogs are slipping out of the house while nobody’s looking.

Here are pages for Chelsea, Somerville and Winthrop. We’ll keep adding more, and send us your recommendations!

(To protect us all from viruses, we’re including direct links to each page you can cut and paste vs. clicking on the link.)


Chelsea MA What’s Happening – This page with nearly 11,000 members has information on city happenings, neighbors asking for information, educational updates and more. www.facebook.com/groups/312775472113592

Chelsea, Ma. is a state of mind – This group shares memories of growing up and living in Chelsea. Its 2,000+ members share photos and trivia, too. www.facebook.com/groups/ChelseaMa.isastateofmind

Chelsea Online Yard Sale – Over 10,000 people are members of this group where people buy and sell items in the Chelsea area. www.facebook.com/groups/965227850194589

You know you’re from Chelsea when… – This is a private group of 6,000 members who are Chelease residents, past and present. www.facebook.com/groups/chelseaMA

City of Chelsea – You can get updates on all official news and events in Chelsea from this page. www.facebook.com/CityOfChelsea


Somerville, MA Community – There are over 2,200 members of this group where residents and people who work in or visit Somerville can discuss a variety of topics and connect with each other. www.facebook.com/groups/246084399312165

Somerville MA Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets, Roommates – Administrators created this 10,000+ member page to make it easier for members of the community to find a new home, tenant, or roommate. www.facebook.com/groups/866202890474207

Everything is Free, Somerville MA – If you’re a Somerville resident you can join over 5,000 of your neighbors on this private page whose goal is to build a better Somerville with a stronger community through giving, sharing, and caring. The page lists items and services that are free to help the community reuse, recycle, organize, complete projects, and clean up. www.facebook.com/groups/EverythingisFreeSomervilleMA


Winthrop MA, My Home Town – Over 3,000 people are members of this public group In which offers information about everyday life plus in-depth news and concerns for the community www.facebook.com/groups/178777138803459

Winthrop Lost Pets – If you’ve lost a pet or know someone who has, visit this page to post photos and information so the 400+ neighbors who are members can be on the lookout. www.facebook.com/Winthrop.Lost.Pets

Winthrop Massachusetts – The official page of Winthrop has nearly 7,000 members who use the page to learn about healthcare, education, events and more. www.facebook.com/places/Things-to-do-in-Winthrop-Massachusetts/109466749080103

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