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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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Brian Nash & Rowing Blazers at Target

Years ago, my beloved brother Brian and a very cool clothing company, Rowing Blazers, found each other.

Rowing Blazers loved Brian’s art and bought his paintings for their stores. Brian loved their clothing and although most people would think already owning two dozen blazers was enough blazers, he wasn’t most people. When I visited him in Nashville the Rowing Blazers pieces stood out for their design and construction (now our nephews love wearing them).

When Target – yes, the Target – approached Rowing Blazers to do one of those special popup shops in their stores, they asked Brian’s curator if they could incorporate his work into a few of the products they would be selling.

Brian’s art is featured on a pillow, a print, a polo shirt, and a dish, and they all look great. He would have adored visiting every Target in Tennessee to watch people shop.

If you plan to visit a Target this weekend or in the coming week, the popups pop up on September 23 and are open for a limited time. I’m really looking forward to visiting as many as I can.

You can see all the Rowing Blazers goods featured in the popup (I have my eye on a pink corduroy blazer and jacket) here: Rowing Blazers x Target : Target

Brian would have loved it. Let me know if you visit a Target and see it.

XO Brenda

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Joan Kirschner
Joan Kirschner
8 months ago

That’s fabulous, Brenda. What a wonderful tribute to your brother…I’ll keep a look out for the popup.

Kathy Whelan
8 months ago

That’s very cool, Brenda! I love his painting. Target, here I come!

Colette Wise
Colette Wise
7 months ago

Brenda, Arlene, and I went to see Brian’s work in Target for my Birthday. What a gift. I am so happy.

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