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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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Our Summer Books, TV & Movies

So far, this summer has been not very sunny and not warm enough for the beach, but indoor weather gives us time for reading and watching TV and movies.

My extended family grew up spending summers at our grandparents’ house on the Cape. When we’d complain (whine) when it rained, our grandfather would tell us to stop complaining and read a book. (We weren’t allowed to turn on TV until after dinner, and then it was boring grownup shows). Later in the day he’d walk into the living room and see a bunch of his grandchildren with their noses in books and plead, “Well, somebody talk to me!”

Now the thought of reading a book on a rainy day makes me happy. The dust (and the dozen other chores on your list) will still be there tomorrow.

We thought it would be fun to share what we’re reading and watching during this rainy summer. Our brilliant Contributing Editors have some great picks! What are you reading and watching this summer?

XO Brenda

Deborah Carducci, Contributing Editor for Hearth & Home (www.carduccidesigngroup.com)

What I’m Reading

  • Reunion Beach, a collection of stories by close friends and colleagues of Dorothea Benton Frank (one of my favorite writers) who passed away last summer.
  • The Last Carriage, by Alex J. Milan
  • The Lying Life of Adults, by Elena Ferrante

What I’m Watching

  • Virgin River on Netflix (binged the whole new season in 2 days)
  • Million Dollar Listing New York on Bravo – I love to see the “architecture and design” of these amazing properties.
  • The Parisian Agency – also exclusive properties, on Netflix
  • Call my Agent – great comedy series on Netflix about a talent agency. Lots of fun!

Robin Gorenberg, Contributing Legal Editor (www.robingorenberg.com)

What I’m Reading

  • Haven’t had much time to read this summer, but I’m just starting Monogamy: A Novel, by Sue Miller

What I’m Watching

  • Making the Cut, with Tim Gun and Heidi Klum, on Amazon Prime TV
  • The Kominsky Method, with Michael Douglas, on Netflix

Katrina Hess, Contributing Editor for Beauty & Skincare (www.katrinahess.com)

What I’m Reading

  • The Swans of Fifth Avenue, by Melanie Benjamin

What I’m Watching

  • Dirty Dancing – I know it’s old but love to watch it in the summer!

Kathy Whelan, Contributing Editor for Health & Wellness (www.whelanwellness.com)

What I’m Reading

  • The Blue Zones, by Dan Buettner – I am sort of obsessed right now with doing what I can to help alleviate the burden of chronic disease here in the US. This book talks about the areas of the world where people live the longest, healthiest lives.

What I’m Watching

  • The Birdcage – During the recent rainy weather spell, my husband and I decided we needed to watch movies to make us laugh out loud. We also watched…
  • What About Bob
  • Something the Lord Made – This movie highlights racial injustice in a true story of what was possible, even amid the terrible racial prejudice of the 1940s south, when great minds of different races join together. On Netflix.

Brenda Nashawaty, Founder & Editor

What I’m Reading

  • Great Circle, by Maggie Shipstead
  • The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig
  • A Long Petal of the Sea, by Isabelle Allende

What I’m Watching

  • Bosch – a detective show set in Los Angeles, on Amazon Prime TV
  • New Tricks – an old BBC comedy/drama about retired detectives solving cold cases, on Amazon Prime TV

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Sheila Hamwey
Sheila Hamwey
2 years ago

Just finished The Chair on Netflix and Nine Perfect Strangers on HULU. Both very good. My favorite summer reads were 50 Words for Rain by Asha Lemmie, The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamili, and The President’s Daughter is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

Thanks for everyone’s recommendations.

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