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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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Love Your Guts: Boston’s Waku Tonics

Recently we discovered Waku, a Boston-based company that makes a unique tonic we had to tell you about. We’re not getting paid for this, (we don’t accept money or products) we just really like their tonic!

A tonic is an herbal tea that should give you a feeling of well-being. Waku’s tonics are based on an ancient recipe from the Andes mountains in Ecuador. (Company founders Nicolás (Nico) Estrella and Juan Giraldo are from Ecuador.) Waku’s plant-based tonics are created to support a healthy gut, with 20 naturally-grown herbs and flowers with anti-inflammatory properties. Traditionally, people drink these tonics as part of a meal, but Nico told us their research shows customers are drinking Waku tonics any time.  (A healthy gut can have a positive impact on our overall health; it can help us build a strong immune system, keep our hearts and brains healthy, and improve our moods and sleep patterns.)

Waku tonics come in 6 flavors. They all share a basic recipe, and then Waku adds flowers or herbs to create different flavors. Some are unsweetened and some are lightly sweetened. We tried the Lemon Mint, Passion Fruit and Ginger Lemongrass. All were delicious and we felt virtuous drinking something we knew was good for us.

Waku buys all its herbs and flowers at a fair trade price from farmers in the Andes. (In the Quechua language of the Central Andes, “Waku” means together.)

Nico Estrella explains they started Waku for two reasons: First, they had a passion to create a product that would help U.S. consumers find a pleasant way to support their gut health. Second, Nico and Juan wanted to build a company that would have a positive economic impact here and in Ecuador.

From starting out by piling samples into their bike baskets and driving around to health food and grocery stores, Nico and Juan have successfully introduced Waku tonics to over 100 shops and stores nationwide. When we expressed our awe at the work and tire rubber Nico and Juan have invested into building Waku, Nico said, “We believe in the American dream.”

You can buy Waku tonics on amazon.com (try their sampler so you can taste all 6 flavors). You also can order from Waku at www.livewaku.com or enter your Zip code to find a store or market near you that carries Waku tonics.

Try it, and let us know how you like it, and your favorite flavor(s)!

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3 years ago

I love Waku! My favorite flavor is the Raspberry Rose

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