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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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Cambridge Hair Superstar Rosely Shields: Looking Great at 60+

Rosely Shields began her career at the legendary Le Pli Spa at the Charles Hotel in 1985, where she became a legend herself for her knowledge, style, craft, and vision. Rosely went on to co-found La Capelli Salon in Cambridge, and in 2012 she opened Salon R, also in Cambridge. We were thrilled to get the opportunity to ask Rosely how we can have great hair as we age.

How can we maintain good hair health after 60?

Women think of our hair as our crowning glory, but I think sometimes stylists know more about your personal life than your hair! Maybe it’s time for that conversation.

Today’s salons provide education that can produce amazing results.Your stylist can help you keep your hair looking its best as you get older. You won’t get your hair to do what it did years ago, but you can find a cut, color and treatment that work for your hair’s texture and type now.

Use good products for cleansing and conditioning. Massage your scalp, and gently brush your hair daily.

If you’ve always had shiny, smooth and bouncy hair, a Keratin treatment can maintain that elasticity and control unruliness. Keratins have come a long way, and they’ve been improved for today’s maintenance of our hair.

Colored hair at 60 and over is different. Use ammonia-free color, keep up with your color, and use shampoos and conditioners that specify they are color-safe.

And don’t forget that stress has a big impact on our hair.

What do you say to people who think women over 60 shouldn’t have long hair?

Long hair on 60+ year-old women can be great. You must have a certain look that you’re trying to achieve, though. If it’s just sitting on your shoulders and looking like a unmade bed, forget it! My favorite example of an older woman with long hair is Ali McGraw. She took great care of her skin and found her look.

Clothes, skin, makeup and jewelry add to maintaining a look with long hair. But don’t pile on too much. Less is more.

What advice do you have for women who are thinking of going gray/silver/white?

Consult your stylist. Check your color palette to see if gray, silver or white hair would be the right tone on your skin. Figure out what you need to change – your makeup? the color of your clothes? the color of your jewelry?

Gray hair can be unruly, coarse and frizzy, but you can control it with today’s products and a lesson on how to style and blow dry.

Just because you’re lucky enough to have white hair doesn’t mean you should stop going to the salon. Keep up with that cut maintenance. Treat your hair with care. I give my clients with white hair masks – glosses that are clear, or that have a hint of purple to brighten gray or pop that white. They put the shine and bounce back into your hair.

Do you recommend dietary edits or additions, or supplements to maintain or restore hair growth?

Hair follicles are part of our skin, which is packed with cells. The hair bulb forms the hair follicle. Its living cells divide and grow to build the shaft of the hair. I’m a true believer in the vitamins we get from fruits and vegetables to support our cells, and replenish and revive our bodies and our hair. I also believe we need supplements as we get older.

Medications also can be a big part of the problem with hair’s health and appearance. Talk to your doctor about what you’re missing in your diet, how medications are affecting your hair, and what supplements or vitamins you can add safely.

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