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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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4 Great Apps to Read, Write, Visit, & Find Your Car

The pandemic created a new sense of normal, with many of us becoming even more acquainted with apps on our smartphones and tablets to help us stay connected to family, friends, colleagues and the world.

Even as we start venturing out again, there are several apps we’ll still use. Let us know your favorites, and we’ll update this post.

Connecting with Family and Friends

WhatsApp – This is a free messaging app. If you or a loved is traveling either in the US or outside the country, WhatsApp allows voice and video calls, audio and text messages, and the option to share photos and videos – all free. All you need is WiFi and a WhatsApp phone number or profile, which you create when you download the app.

Dude, Where’s My Car!?!

Hands up anyone who’s ever had to use the alarm on her key fob because she forgot where she parked her car. (Our hands are up.)

Most of us know how to use the navigators on our smartphones, but we didn’t know that if you use the Google Maps app not only does it help you get where you’re going – it can also help you remember where you parked once you get there. When you’re in the app, click on the blue dot that shows your location, select “set as parking location” from the menu, and that’s it. When you’re ready to get back to your care, just select the blue “directions” icon and click “saved parking.” Try it out next time you’re at the supermarket.

Reading – and Writing

Libraries might still be closed or restricting hours, but here are two apps that let us read free – and one of them even helps you write your own stories.

Google Play Books – We knew our Kindles let us read on our phones, but we didn’t know we could also buy eBooks through Google Play Books. There are millions of titles – including best sellers and free books – audio books, magazines and videos available. As with amazon, you can preview books before you can decide to buy.

Wattpad – Join a creative community where you can read – and write – original books and stories. This platform resembles social media platforms like Facebook; you can like, comment and follow a book or author. Not all books on these platforms are completed, so if you find one that is still having releases, you can follow the book and get reminders on upcoming chapters.

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