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Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
Life, arts, health, tech, beauty and more for women 60+ in and around Boston
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Advice from the Bra Experts at Cambridge’s Forty Winks

If we’re fortunate enough to be here in our 60s and beyond, and to still have our breasts, we know they’re different from when we were younger, even if our weight has stayed the same (ha!). Lucky for us Forty Winks Lingerie Boutique, female-owned and operated since 2010, can help us choose our best bra styles. Rachel and Meredith and their team in Cambridge offer expert bra fittings and carefully chosen bras in sizes from 30A to 40H. They also offer chic lounge wear.

New Bra, New Fit

Rachel and Meredith say it’s always a good idea to get refitted when buying any new bras. Your body changes every year and there could be subtle differences in your breast shape you might not notice. They say no matter what her age, when a customer comes in to Forty Winks with her old bras and tries on the exact same style it can fit totally differently. This is because the bra is new and hasn’t stretched and formed to her body. So, even if your weight hasn’t changed you might need a different size/style as you add candles to your birthday cake.

The Rule of 3

Forty Winks recommends that every woman own at least 3 bras. That way we have enough to rotate them throughout the week and give them each a day off between wears, so we can wash them and have one clean one available. Bras should last anywhere from 8-12 months with regular wear. 

Get Comfortable

The most common complaint Rachel and Meredith hear is that bras aren’t comfortable. A lot of their customers in their 60s and older are more sensitive to the band and strap fabrication, width and material. A looser band is usually more comfortable but that can lead to the straps slipping off the shoulders as the band moves around. Finding a bra that has a close-set strap is better to keep them from slipping. And, as breast tissue softens with age we might need a fuller coverage style, regardless of breast size..

You can shop online or in person. The team is happy to answer our bra fitting questions at [email protected] or through their website’s chat feature. They’re also having a great summer sale!

Forty Winks Lingerie Boutique
56 JFK Street, Cambridge
https://shopfortywinks. com

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